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Draymond Green Jokingly Takes A Shot At The 2016 Golden State Warriors: "We Understand That Being Up 3-1 Means Absolutely Nothing."

Draymond Green Jokingly Takes A Shot A The 2016 Golden State Warriors: "We Understand That Being Up 3-1 Means Absolutely Nothing."

Even though the Golden State Warriors have won the first two games of their series against the Denver Nuggets, they must keep the same energy ahead of Game 3. The Nuggets will try to get revenge after getting beat up by the Dubs at Chase Center, and many people expect the Nuggets to show a different face at Ball Arena. 

The situation is different now, as Nikola Jokic and co. will try to cut the distance with the Warriors at home. The visitors know that they can still lose the series regardless of their strong performances in the first two matches. 

Talking about that, Draymond Green warned everybody about the distances in a playoffs series. He knows everything can change in a blink and even mentioned one of the most painful scenarios he lived during his career. Green roasted his own team when reminding people that not even a 3-1 advantage means anything in the postseason. 

"As they always say, this is a cliché, but a series doesn't start until a team wins on the road. Now we have the opportunity to go through that, so it's very important that we come out in Game 3 with a mindset of "it's a 0-0 series". All we did what take care of our home court and what we were supposed to do. The task is still the task, the job is not done. We understand that. We have enough playoffs experience to understand that being up 2-0 means absolutely nothing. Hell, we understand that being up 3-1 means absolutely nothing. You always kinda let that sit in the back of your head and try not to lose sight of that. It's hard to win games in a playoffs series, it's even harder to close out a playoffs series, especially on the road..."

Green knows they can't get too comfortable or the Nuggets could shock them. Back in 2020, they came back from two 3-1 deficit in the bubble, first against the Utah Jazz and then the Los Angeles Clippers. This team is dangerous, and even though Nikola Jokic is doing all the job against the Warriors, the Nuggets hope that the rest of the team makes the right plays to put some pressure on the Warriors. 

Still, Golden State has played incredible basketball recently and right now, it's hard to see them lose against the Nuggets.