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Draymond Green Made A Controversial Statement Assuring That Black Lives Matter Doesn't Affect Canadians

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Draymond Green finished his first week at his new job, being part of the panel of TNT's 'The Arena' alongside Dwyane Wade, Cari Champion, and nemesis Charles Barkley. Green didn't have any problem with Chuck during this week but he still managed to make a controversial statement on Friday night.

Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri joined the show on Friday, where the Golden State Warriors star asked him what made the team take a stand against racism by painting 'Black Lives Matter' on their bus. Green tried to get the most info about it but his words weren't precisely the best.

“But you guys have on your bus ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and as a Canadian team it doesn’t directly impact your team because you’re in an entirely different country. What made you guys take a stand?” Green asked.

Ujiri explained that the team always wanted to make a statement at the bubble, use their platform and ask for a change in the society around the world, not only in the US or Canada.

"We said we were going to use the bubble as a statement," he said.

Draymond's words didn't sit well with a sector of fans and even players. Chris Boucher of the Raptors replied to Green with a comment on an Instagram post.

"So if you're black and Canadian you not directly part of it? Is a black Canadian not a Black men? SMH. I thought we were all in this together"

Draymond couldn't elaborate his question more properly. He didn't mean any wrong for the Raptors, he was only talking about how this movement has become global but he couldn't find the right words.

Racism happens everywhere and a lot of people have to be thankful that this movement was created to fight against racial injustice around the world.