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Draymond Green On Defense In The NBA: ‘You Can’t Really Play Defense In The League Today’


Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors is one of the NBA’s greatest defensive players, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he isn’t exactly happy with the state of defense in current day basketball.

Green spoke after the Warriors four-point win over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday Night about how you can’t really play defense anymore in the NBA.

"You can't really play defense in the league [today]… I guess that's what they wanted, right?"

Although Green claims he isn’t frustrated with the fact that it’s changed so much, it felt like he was very unpleased about it, going off his tone and body language when speaking about the topic.

Draymond Green has spoken about this multiple time before including earlier this October where he claimed that defence wasn’t a “priority” in the NBA anymore.

This theory can be proven to be true when you consider the constant high scores that teams have scored this year including the game Green spoke after where the Warriors had 127 points to the King 123 points.

Whether Green cares to admit it or not, it would be completely understandable to know why he would be frustrated with the defense not being a priority since it’s the backbone of his game and has been what has helped him rise in the league.

Remember when LeBron James forced by refs to play with hands behind his back against the Rockets?