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Draymond Green On Kevin Durant: "His Feelings About Me May Not Be The Same, But I’ll Ride For Him For The Rest Of My Life.”

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

The relationship between Kevin Durant and his former teammate, Draymond Green is a bit complicated -- to say the least.

In their last season together in Golden State, the two had a heated exchange that got a little personal when Draymond mentioned Durant's impending free agency.

Their relationship reportedly never recovered after that and Durant himself even revealed that it was one of the reasons he left.

No matter their past, however, Draymond insists he's going to ride with KD until the day he dies.

Obviously, Draymond isn't harboring any resentment towards the 2x Finals MVP. It's likely that he never meant for things to go this far anyway. Draymond was the one who first recruited KD to town and, together, they helped lead the team to 2 Championships and 3 straight Finals appearances.

Unfortunately, it was all too much for Durant to heart. He admitted that he always felt like an outsider to the squad and in the case of Draymond, he saw his comments as a betrayal.

He left for the Nets that summer and it seems their paths have finally split -- but the bridge may not be burned. Dray certainly hasn't taken anything to heart.