Draymond Green On Kevin Durant - P. J. Tucker Incident: "This League Has Gotten So Soft, Security Ran On The Court."

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The Brooklyn Nets - Milwaukee Bucks Game 2 was a thriller, with the game going down to the last possession. The game itself had the intense atmosphere we expect from a playoff game, and there were definitely instances of players jawing at each other.

One of those instances was an altercation between P. J. Tucker and Draymond Green, where the two had to be separated by teammates and security. Luckily, it stayed verbal, and the game continued on as normal.

Former DPOY Draymond Green commented on the altercation and stated that the league has gotten so soft, that the two had to be separated by security. This incident could definitely be viewed as two opponents simply trying to talk some trash to one another, something that happens fairly often in sports.

One of the people who ran on the court and attempted to de-escalate the situation was one of Kevin Durant's bodyguards. It is understandable that athletes sometimes need to hire protection for themselves, and it seems as though Durant's bodyguard felt that his intervention was needed.

While there is no doubt that the league has moved away from the physicality and the mentality that was present in the 1990s and the early 2000s, many people seem to enjoy this era of basketball. However, some people still view the modern era with some disdain for it being "soft" and it looks as though Draymond Green is one of them.