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Draymond Green On LeBron James: 'Hopefully, He Runs For President One Day.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Draymond Green has paid his due respect to LeBron James in recent hours, even calling the Los Angeles Lakers star the greatest player of all time. All the rivalry they created on the court is just that, something that stays on the court.

During a recent appearance on ESPN's First Take, Draymond talked about Bron, calling him the GOAT but also revealing his desire of seeing the King running for office in the future. LeBron has been one of the most active voices against racial injustices and police brutality, especially after George Floyd's death.

Everything Bron has done to support Mr. Floyd's family while asking for justice for his crime and several others made Draymond get more respect for the King. He even expects Bron to run for president after he retires from the game of basketball.

“LeBron yields a lot of power, as he should,” he said during his appearance on the First Take, via Essentially Sports. “Arguably the greatest player of all time. His resume is flawless- on and off the court. The things that he has been able to do on the court are obviously spectacular. It’s more important the things that he’s been able to accomplish off the court.

“That’s where he gets the utmost respect from me. As a competitor, I enjoy playing against him. But what he’s done off the court … I have the utmost respect for him. Hopefully, he runs for President one day.”

There is no doubt that LeBron's impact off the court is big and he could have a chance to become president in the future. Still, it's a long shot but Draymond wants to see the 35-year-old giving it a try after his basketball career is over.