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Draymond Green On Memphis Grizzlies: "They're Just Unfazed And Unbothered By Anything."

Ja Morant and Desmond Bane

The Memphis Grizzlies are currently in the second round of the playoffs. They are a younger team, but are clearly contenders for the title, as they finished as the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference this regular season.

Even though they lost Game 1 to the Golden State Warriors, the Memphis Grizzlies forced them to work every second for the win. Draymond Green has recently lauded the Memphis Grizzlies, claiming that they are a "good young team" that is "unfazed and unbothered by anything".

They’re a good young team and they have something that really good young teams have. There’s young teams and then there’s really young teams. They have something that really good young teams have and they’re just unfazed and unbothered by anything. You could go up 12 points and they’re just standing there like: ‘alright!’ You go up on a 7-0 run and they come out of a timeout like: ‘Alright I guess we’ll play again…’

They’re very young and unbothered. That’s a great trait to have when you’re a young team trying to make your way up which they’re doing. Just being unfazed and unbothered by anything and apart of that…so you have young dumb teams that don’t know how big the moment is and then you have young good teams that don’t know how big the moment is and because they don’t understand how big the moment is, they’re just unbothered by it. I think that’s a great thing for a young team to have that’s trying to make their way to the top if that young team understand what the end goal is. 

There is no doubt that the Memphis Grizzlies have done well with developing their players, which has put them in a position to win a championship. Ja Morant is a superstar-level player that has helped them build a culture, and we'll see how far they can go.

Beating the Golden State Warriors will be no easy task for the Memphis Grizzlies, but they definitely have a chance to do so. Hopefully, they are able to bounce back in Game 2, and respond to this disappointing loss at home.