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Draymond Green On Recent Loss To The Orlando Magic: "We Let Another One Get Away. Kinda Been The Storyline Of The Season."

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

The Golden State Warriors are most likely going to be a playoff team at the end of the season, but they have been fairly inconsistent to start the season. The Warriors have won some amazing regular-season games against contenders like the Los Angeles Clippers, but they have also lost winnable matchups such as their recent game against the Orlando Magic.

Draymond Green has recently commented on the state of the Warriors after the game. Needless to say, Green wasn't particularly happy about the loss.

The Warriors won't be winning a championship this season without Klay Thompson, but they could still become more consistent in order to be the best version of themselves. Some of their struggles can be attributed to their lack of a true center in the lineup currently: both Kevon Looney and James Wiseman were injured for the Orlando game and Nikola Vucevic had himself a good game. Hopefully, the Warriors can improve further throughout the season.

Consistency is key when it comes to the NBA. Consistency is what helps teams go on runs, and win tough games on the road. If they just get going on a streak, then they can show that they are a solid defensive team built around an elite superstar. The Warriors have the potential to be good, and hopefully, they realize that potential.