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Draymond Green On Stephen Curry: "Do I Think I Would Have Had The Success Without Him? No. And I Don't Think He Would've Had The Success That He's Had Without Me."

Draymond Green On Stephen Curry: "Do I Think I Would Have Had The Success Without Him? No. And I Don't Think He Would've Had The Success That He's Had Without Me."

Draymond Green and Stephen Curry are the perfect partnership for the Golden State Warriors (sorry, Klay Thompson). They have connected on several occasions to get buckets, perfectly complimenting each other's game during all these years. 

Even though Curry takes the most attention, Green is a very important part of the process that has taken the point guard to where he is right now. Steph has always praised his teammate for his help, setting screens, or assisting him. 

Ever since Klay Thompson went down in the 2019 Finals, the Curry-Green duo got closer, as they were in charge of leading the team while the Splash Brother returned from a season-ending injury. It wasn't the best two years for them, but they stayed together, ready to help the franchise. 

They are now atop of the Western Conference, playing great basketball, demonstrating they aren't done yet. This relationship has grown season after season. Even though they have completely different personalities, Green and Curry found a way to become friends on and off the court. 

Talking with Fox Sports' Melissa Rohlin, the big man revealed he didn't think he would be friends with Curry given how different they were. 

"Not at all," Green told FOX Sports, flashing a wide grin. "We were just such polar opposites."

They found that balance to help the team and now are the leaders of the locker room, using their own methods. 

"If there were two me's, it might not be as loud in the locker room as it needs to be at times," said Curry. "And if there were two of him, nobody would know when to shut up. It's the perfect balance."

After almost 10 years together, they know each other perfectly and know that without the other, neither would have been this successful. Draymond has assisted Curry on 479 3s, so that must say something about their bond on the court. 

"Do I think I would have had the success without him? No," Green said. "And I don't think he would've had the success that he's had without me. Do I think we both would've had success? Absolutely.

"We're both equally as driven, we both are winners, we're competitive. When you're a winner, when you're a competitor, you're going to find a way to win. So I don't have doubt in my mind that we would've found success. But I don't think for either one of us, it would've been at the level that it is. I truly in my heart believe that."

Even head coach Steve Kerr admits that Curry is very important for Green, and he doesn't stop him from feeling whatever he feels, but never losing the focus, which is winning. 

"Steph, to his credit, is a stabilizing force for Draymond," Kerr told FOX Sports. "One of the reasons they're so good together is that Steph appreciates Draymond's fire and embraces it. And he has a very calming effect on Draymond and on the team. So in some ways, they're kind of the yin and the yang, and they lead our team accordingly."

Just when most people assumed the Warriors were over following the tumultuous 2019 NBA Finals, they bounced back and are dominating the competition in a stacked Western Conference. As long as they have Curry and Draymond, this team will have a chance. It's been two years since they last went to the playoffs and Finals, but they're ready to change that. 

Time will tell if they can do it or not, but as things stand now, the Dubs are legit contenders for the Larry O'Brien trophy.