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Draymond Green On 2019 Warriors: "Everybody Still Wants To Beat Our Ass"

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

In the aftermath of their 7th straight loss, Golden State's Draymond Green noticed something about his team: they're still the enemy.

In a chat with Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area, Green revealed what things are like for him and his team now that the glory days are over.

“It’s different,” Green said. “Because it’s like people don’t expect us to win, but teams don’t play us like they don’t expect us to win. Everybody still wants to beat our ass.”

“We put them down, so they’re trying to kick us while we’re down too because we’ve put them down for years,” said Green. “But we didn’t have to take shots while they were down. We just put them down, so it’s a difference.”

For years, the Warriors dominated the NBA by what the league perceived as an unfair advantage. With the combined forces of Steph, Klay, and Kevin Durant, they were nearly unbeatable for three years before things eventually fell apart.

Now that the Dubs are in a weakened state, the league is taking full advantage. They are enacting their revenge by not only beating them but beating them as hard as they can.

Draymond finds it quite amusing.