Draymond Green One Day Before The Warriors Play The Nets: "Drunk At The Bar"

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It looks like Draymond Green is taking the most advantage of his off days and is trying to do something different while he's not on the court. At least that is what he showed on Friday night, talking about the NBA and revealing his "preparations" for the Warriors' clash against the Brooklyn Nets tonight.

The big man is one of the most active players on Twitter and when he sends a message, a lot of people notice that. Friday wasn't the exception but Draymond received a lot of bad comments for his tweet and fans took the opportunity to troll him for his recent blunder. Hours before the Dubs took on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden, Green was just chilling, having a couple of drinks.

"Drunk at the bar," Green wrote on Twitter.

As expected, fans took notice of this and while some were nice to the player, others took their chance to troll him and the Warriors fan reminded him that he has to play against the Big 3 Nets today, something that's not easy knowing their offensive power.

He was watching basketball, though, as he urged LeBron James to stop demolishing the Memphis Grizzlies in a game that saw the King and Anthony Davis combined for 63 points.

Well, perhaps Green was trying to troll people and sent that message but NBA Twitter is ruthless, even more, when it comes to a competitive player like Draymond, anything but the most beloved player in the association. Dray was recently under criticism for making one of the most questionable plays in the league in recent days against the San Antonio Spurs. After his tweet, he continues his streak.