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Draymond Green Opened Up On How Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson React To Him Yelling At Them: "When I Say Something And They Disagree And Say Something Back... That Just Is What It Is."

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The Golden State Warriors greatness is built around their trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. All of them have their strengths, and they also bring their unique personalities to the table. Stephen Curry is serious and a family-oriented individual, although with a good sense of humor. Klay Thompson is a little goofy, and Draymond Green is the outspoken one that can call everybody out.

Green is the vocal leader of the team, he lets anyone who's not up to the mark know what they're doing wrong. And this also ends up involving his fellow stars, Klay and Steph. But as excellent players in their own right, they can and do disagree with Draymond from time to time. And as NBC Sports reported, Green broke down what happens when either of the two disagrees with something he is saying. 

“Honestly, we haven’t had a ton of arguments because it’s just not kind of how the personalities match up,” Green said. “I usually do most of the yelling and most of the time they’ll usually ignore me to the point where if I’m yelling and then one of them yell back, I’m not gonna get into a screaming match with one of them. So at the point when I say something and they disagree and say something back, then they said something back and that’s just is what it is.

“That’s just not how we roll,” Green said. “So I usually do the majority of the talking most the time. It either leads to us having a conversation and discussing what I think and what they think and how we can figure it out. If it’s in a heated battle, a heat-of-the-moment situation and I’m like, ‘Klay stop shooting the ball’ and he cuss and yell back, then we just keep it pushing and I run on and he run on. Or if I say something to Steph and he gets mad and snaps back every two blue moons then he says something back and I just run off and go about my day.”

Green had seen the flip side of this before when he got into an infamous argument with Kevin Durant on the sideline. So the fact that he knows when to back off is a testament to how much he has matured. Open communication and accountability are key to building any successful culture, and the Warriors seem to have their stuff all figured out.