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Draymond Green Opens Up About The Famous Incident With Kevin Durant

Draymond Green Opens Up About The Famous Incident With Kevin Durant

The Golden State Warriors are looking to win their third championship in a row when they go up against the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals. However, it wasn’t an easy run this season with tempers flaring earlier this season with Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.

An early season incident between the two Warriors stars happened on the court in a match against the Los Angeles Clippers, continued on off the court back in the locker rooms as the argument continued. Apparently Green hurled verbal abuses at Durant about his upcoming free agency and the effect it was having on the franchise.

There’s been a lot of doubt over the franchise and how they’d respond to the incident but they’ve done an incredible job to get them to where they are today.

Draymond Green recently spoke out about the moment where he told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, that the arguing had nothing to do with Durant’s off-season decision.

"It wasn't necessarily that, him being a free agent bothered me," Green told ESPN's Rachel Nichols. "It was, 'Are you with us or not?' that bothered me. But, what I will say is, after I had that moment, one thing Kevin told me is, 'Dude, you have to block out all of that. You see me coming here and work every day. You see me give my all to this team. You see everything, every second of every day. The media is gonna say what they want, but you see everything, you know I'm here, you know I'm with you.'

"And it allowed me to focus on that. It allowed me to focus on what I see, what I can control and not what I can't see per se and what I can't control. And so I think that was just the point for me of where I had to look at it from a different standpoint. I had to stop listening to all the noise."

Kevin Durant is currently out injured with a strained calf and there’s no guarantee that he will return for the Finals series against the Raptors. If he has decided to move away from the Warriors during the off-season then the two-time Finals MVP would have already played his final game in a Golden State Warriors jersey. However, by Green’s attitude so far, he doesn’t seem too concerned on what Durant ends up deciding.

"I haven't even really concerned myself with trying to have a feeling with what he's going to do," Green said. "Because our mission is to win a championship every year. And if he's only here for three years and we win a championship all three of those years, we completed our mission."

Although the Warriors were able to dominate the Western Conference Finals without KD, they will surely be hoping that he will be able to return very shortly for the remainder of the series against the Raptors.