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Draymond Green Opens Up On Warriors Battles Against The Rockets: "I Don't Think There Was Any Other Team That Could Have Beaten That Rockets Team."

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Draymond Green and James Harden

During James Harden's tenure in Houston, the Rockets were an offensive powerhouse. Though they never made the NBA Finals, they gave the dynastic Warriors some trouble. The Rockets made it to Game 7 in 2018 but unfortunately were unable to close the deal, partly due to the lack of Chris Paul on the court.

Draymond Green has recently opened up on his Warriors battling against the Rockets in the playoffs, giving them their respect, and claiming that he didn't think that "any other team" could end up beating those Rockets. He also added that then-GM Daryl Morey messed up by saying his team was built to defeat the Rockets, stating that "real Gs move in silence".

I don't think there was any other team that could have beaten them. Now saying that, you still have to beat LeBron James, which is a very tall task to do. LeBron will walk the ball up the floor every play before he lets you determine the game on your term. I don't think there was any other team that could have beaten that Rockets team.

Where they made their biggest mistake was Daryl Morey coming out and saying, 'This team is built to beat the Warriors.' Real G's move in silence, Daryl.

There is no question that those Rockets were deadly. James Harden was an MVP during that time, and he was paired with Chris Paul, who is still a premier point guard today. Taking the Warriors to 7 games was no easy task, and it's clear that Draymond Green respected his opponents.

The Warriors and the Rockets are in different situations right now though. The Warriors are once again competing for a title, while the Rockets are currently going through a rebuild. James Harden requested a trade in 2020, so the Rockets shipped him to the Nets, and are now developing young prospects like Alperen Sengun and Jalen Green. Hopefully, we see the Rockets return to contention sooner rather than later, and perhaps we'll see more Warriors-Rockets playoff games in the future.