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Draymond Green: "People In The States Are Cheering Against Us Because We Beat All Their Teams"

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

The Golden State Warriors entered the NBA Finals as one of the most hated teams in recent years. Even though the hate towards the Warriors was huge in recent seasons, this one NBA fans took things to another level and according to polls, nobody in the U.S. is rooting for them to succeed in the Finals against the Toronto Raptors.

Draymond Green, the most controversial player in the Warriors roster seems to have figured out why everybody’s rooting against Golden State. A recent survey showed that 47 of 50 states are cheering for the Toronto Raptors in this Finals. Only California, Nevada, and Hawaii want to see Green and company take another Larry O’Brien home.

"People in the States are rooting against us because we beat all of their teams," he said. "It's all good. Their team is sitting at home with them."

Green assured all the bad blood with Golden State was because of their continued dominance of the NBA. "You're at the top, no one's ever cheering for you to stay there," he said.

About the result of the polls, Green says the team isn’t bothered about it as they don’t need extra motivation to win an NBA title.

"We don't need to reach for extra motivation," he said. "If winning a championship isn't enough motivation for you then you've got other issues."

Now Green might have a little bit extra motivation for himself after an exchange with Drake at the end of the first game of the series that ended up with the Rapper calling Draymond “trash”. It was expected by everybody that these two would collide at some point of the series, so now the hype surrounding this Finals will be bigger than ever.

The 118-109 defeat against Toronto marked the first time the Warriors started a Finals losing the first game, so every single basketball fan is waiting to see how the team is going to respond in Game 2.