Draymond Green Praises Derrick Rose: "D Rose Still Really F*cking Good."

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via Getty Images

Derrick Rose is a former MVP who has been through it all. Throughout his career, Rose has dealt with injuries and has bounced around the league during the last few years. However, he clearly still has something left in the tank, even if he isn't as explosive as he was during his MVP season. On the New York Knicks, Derrick Rose is contributing to a playoff team, with a newly minted All-Star in Julius Randle. While all the attention has been on New York's young players, Derrick Rose can still hoop, even if he has a smaller role in the offense on a young roster.

Derrick Rose recently scored 23 points against the New Orleans Pelicans, getting to the rim at well, and hitting some long-distance jumper as well. One of his key contributions was getting an assist to Reggie Bullock and forcing the game to overtime. Derrick Rose had himself a vintage game. Draymond Green commended Rose's abilities and has suggested that Derrick Rose is still very good despite the injuries he has suffered.

While injuries may have robbed the world of a prime Derrick Rose, he is still a very capable point guard that can come off the bench and get you some buckets. At times, he even fills in as a starter. Derrick Rose can still have some great scoring games despite lower minutes, and he has shown that he can be a capable leader on a team. The New York Knicks are one of the most exciting teams in basketball right now, and Derrick Rose is part of the reason why.