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Draymond Green Questions Why Rick Carlisle Announced Tristan Thompson's Buyout: "I've Been Fined For Less."

Draymond Green Questions Why Rick Carlisle Announced Tristan Thompson's Buy Out: "I've Been Fined For Less."

Draymond Green has always been vocal about things he finds wrong in the NBA. Green is outspoken and does not shy away from criticizing players, franchises, or the entire league if he feels like they are not doing the right thing. And recently, he seems to have stood up for one of his former rivals.

Draymond Green recently took to Twitter to comment on Tristan Thompson's recent buyout from the Indiana Pacers. Thompson was traded from the Kings to the Pacers, and the Pacers don't plan to keep him, so they've agreed to a buyout, something that Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle announced to the press during a press conference.

Green wondered whether Tristan Thompson had a deal with another team to sign as a free agent, one that would pay him a little extra money in order to make the announcement. ANd with Carlisle announcing his departure, that extra money could be jeopardized, something Green doesn't think would be fair.

"Question… What if Tristan had a deal that paid him money to announce the team he’s going to? And Carlisle blew that money for him? I got fined for less."

Green's speculation isn't unwarranted, but it is slightly unfounded. It is highly unlikely that one of the facets of Thompson's deal would involve a financial incentive for an announcement of which team he would sign for. But Carlisle announcing the buyout is highly unusual.

Thompson was initially linked to a lot of teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, now that he is a free agent. But the latest reports suggest that Thompson will be signing with the Chicago Bulls to provide depth for them in the frontcourt. Thompson will be hoping to be contributing to a championship contender in the Eastern Conference like he did in the past with the Cavaliers.