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Draymond Green Reacts To Robert Sarver's Situation: "Very Crazy Allegations. We'll See What Happens."

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Draymond Green has given his opinion on the ongoing Robert Sarver saga. The Phoenix Suns owner was accused of racism and misogynistic during his 17-year stint in front of the Suns. 

After Baxter Holmes of ESPN shared the story of how he referred to some players, coaches and women within the organization, the NBA community was fuming. The league announced they are investigating the franchise to see what is really going in on in Phoenix. 

NBA players have reacted to this news, including Devin Booker, who supported former head coach Earl Watson, calling him 'my guy.' Moreover, Draymond Green had something to say about this situation, stating he's heard these stories in the past. 

"Very crazy allegations. We'll see what happens," Green told reporters today. 

"There's always more to the story. Word travels around this league like wildfire. May not have been my 1st time hearing this story yesterday, but that's neither here nor there."

Draymond had already responded to this report. He shared a tweet joking and saying he was fined after the incident that led Sarver to say the N-word repeatedly in front of Watson

The allegations keep coming and this won't be the end of this story. The NBA has already launched an investigation into this concerning situation and we have to wait and see what they will do to handle this. 

The Suns are a very good team right now, competing to be one of the best squads in the West. But, while the 15 men at the arena are trying to make a big mark with their good displays, the executives do questionable things behind the scenes. 

As Draymond said, the allegations are crazy. We just hope the league takes care of it and protect those who were affected by these people.