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Draymond Green Reportedly Told Kevin Durant: "We Don't Need You. We Won Without You. Leave."

Draymond Green Reportedly Told Kevin Durant: "We Don't Need You. We Won Without You. Leave."

Man, this drama between Durant and Draymond just keeps getting juicier and juicier. First, we had them arguing about the last possession vs the Clippers, then we had a video of KD saying “that’s why I’m out”, now we have reports of Green cussing out Durant and telling him to leave.

According to Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports Draymond verbally went at Durant further adding heat to an already tense locker room. Reports say that Green said "You're a b***h and you know you're a b***h... We don't need you. We won without you. Leave."

I can sympathize with both Durant and Green. Green should have given the ball to Durant for the final shot vs the Clippers. Green was wrong not to do so and Durant had every right to be annoyed. However, this is 1 regular season game and does not matter in the long run when compared to keeping the team chemistry strong and stable. Durant probably got too mad at Green for Green’s mistake. Durant should also realize that Green is a very fierce competitor and that any hint of disloyalty will be met with serious pushback.

Don't forget that someone found an old Draymond Green tweet about Kevin Durantand according to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic, Durant’s teammates are prepared for him to leave after this season and are tired of the melodrama surrounding his imminent departure.

Last night, they lost against the Houston Rockets but Durant and Green interacted positively with each other.

After the game, Kevin Durant said to the reporter to not ask him about his relation with Draymond Green again.

The Warriors did win 1 title without Durant and made the Finals the next year, but there’s no question that Durant makes them the best team in the league. The Warriors have been without Steph Curry for a while now and they’ve been losing games because of it. They need him now more than ever, not just to win games, but to restore some stability to the franchise which is currently looking like it might boil over.