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Draymond Green Responds To Stephen Curry Critics: "'Oh, You Haven't Won A Finals MVP,' Or 'Oh, You Haven't Carried A Team.' If I'm Not Mistaken He Carried The 2015 Pretty Damn Far. And So To Be Honest He's Carried Every Team."

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Stephen Curry went off on Saturday night when he scored 62 points on the Portland Trail Blazers, leading his Golden State Warriors to a 137-122 victory at Chase Center. The point guard was the subject of plenty of jokes and criticism this season and it was good watching him showing his best version against a team that is expected to contend in the Western Conference.

Curry played like the beast he is and enchanted everybody with his Sunday night display. He sent a message on the court but Draymond Green was the one that reminded everybody of all the things Steph has done for the team in the past five years, leading them to become a powerhouse in the league, winning three titles in five trips to the NBA Finals. After the game, Draymond revealed that he knows people are always trying to play down Curry regardless of what he does.

“Everybody’s always going to try and find a reason to nitpick at something Steph does. Whether it’s Oh, you haven’t won a Finals MVP, or Oh, you haven’t carried a team. If I’m not mistaken he carried the 2015 [team] pretty damn far. And so to be honest he’s carried every team.”

”I think everybody has critics. When you’re doing something right, you’re going to have critics. The day you don’t have critics, they don’t care about you anymore and it’s probably time to move on. So I think critics aren’t all bad”

Curry was struggling to get things going with his team, especially with the absences of Green and Klay Thompson. Now that the big man is back, Steph could have an easier job on the court. This man has always been a problem and even though he didn't look like his best version in the past couple of games of the season, Curry is demonstrating that he can still be a bad man and destroy teams every night.

Talking about his teammate's magical night, Draymond even admitted that he saw the 62 points coming.

Draymond wasn't the only one defending Curry. Steve Kerr sent a message to those who like to criticize the player, too, comparing Steph to Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James, players who carry their teams mostly with physicality and not with the same skills as Curry. The Dubs Nation hopes this is the start of something good for Steph and the team.