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Draymond Green Reveals His Favorite Klay Thompson Moment With A Hilarious Backstory: "My All-Time Favorite Klay Moment Was When He Went For 60 Through Three Quarters."

Klay Thompson

The success of the Golden State Warriors over the last decade or so is the best example of how to win titles with home-grown talent rather than relying on free agency to win championships.

While the Warriors have added some great players to the roster over the years through trades and free agency, the original trio of the Dubs has all been drafted by the franchise.

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are the biggest reasons that the Warriors have managed to achieve so much success in the NBA. It's obvious that Steph is the best player on the team, and Green is the defensive leader of the team.

The role that Klay has played in the success of the Warriors sometimes gets overlooked. Throughout his career, he has perfectly played the role of Robin to Steph Curry's Batman.

Despite being the second option for almost his entire career, Klay has had some great individual performances as well. His longtime teammate, Draymond Green, was recently asked about the all-time favorite Klay moment. Green picked the time when Thompson scored 60 points in three quarters and also gave a hilarious backstory about it.

“My all-time favorite Klay moment was when he went for 60 through three quarters. Because that game is a complete microcosm of who Klay Thompson is. He did not come to practice the day before missed practice,” Green added. “He woke up late. And now the way our fine system works when you’re late for practice, it’s not that much more if you miss as opposed to if you’re late. And so Klay is like, ‘I’m late. Go back to bed. Don’t come to practice.’

And then the next day, it’s like his way of making it right. He comes out. He has 60 in three quarters. That has to be my all-time favorite moment because that is actually Klay and his attitude.”

This really explains how good of a player Klay actually is. Moreover, during his 60-point performance in three quarters, the sharpshooter took just 11 dribbles to reach the total.

Speaking of the number 11, Klay once explained why it is his favorite number. Next season, fans will probably see a much better version of Thompson as he wasn't at his best during the 2021-22 NBA season. After all, he returned to the NBA after missing two consecutive seasons due to injuries.

With Klay at his full strength, it will be tough for fans and NBA experts not to pick the Warriors as the favorites to win another championship. It'll be exciting to see what the other half of the 'Splash Brothers' can bring to the table next season.