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Draymond Green Reveals The Story When Steve Kerr Criticized Him: "You Have To Be The Worst Player In Meaningless Basketball Games I Have Ever Seen."

Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors are back competing for important things in the NBA. The Dubs are trying to relive old glories after two disappointing seasons full of injuries and bad performances. 

This season, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are back on the court together, trying to take a talented squad to the promised land. The original Big 3 is trying to find their groove this campaign and make it to the Finals after a three-year absence. 

Draymond Green is the glue of the team, the player who makes everything work with Steph and Klay. As he admitted, basketball has lost meaning for him in the past, but this season everything has changed. Talking with JJ Redick, Green revealed that even Steve Kerr was disappointed with him. 

The 8x NBA champion had some harsh words to say to Draymond during the Warriors' low hours, calling him out for his lack of effort. When the coach is mad at you, you know things are going very bad.

JJ Redick: "Were there any moments where you felt your window had closed?"

Draymond Green: "Absolutely. Kerr pulled me aside once and said, 'you have to be the worst player in meaningless basketball games I have ever seen.'"

Fortunately, things have changed for Draymond now. His team is playing great basketball and is competing for a spot in the 2022 NBA Finals. Stephen Curry has earned MVP buzz, Klay is starting to find his rhythm while Green is once again proving he's the most important player on Kerr's scheme. 

The Warriors are championship favorites right now, so the window isn't closed at all. This team can make a lot of noise in the NBA this season and as long as they have their trio healthy and ready to go, the Dubs will always have a chance at the championship.