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Draymond Green Said He "Sucked" When He First Joined The Warriors



Draymond Green, despite his crooked reputation, has become one of the Warriors' most valuable players in recent years. With perhaps the most elite all-around defensive skillset in the game and a knack for setting his teammates up on the other end, Draymond has set the tone for his team since their run started back in 2015.

But, according to words uttered out of his own mouth, the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year wasn't always the high impact All-Star we know him to be today. In a recent interview with ESPN, Warriors assistant GM Kirk Lacob spoke about Green and how the player once admitted that he struggled when he first came to the team as a rookie.

“I had a conversation with Draymond about this right after our season. He said, ‘I would not be the player I was today if I had come onto this Warriors team three years ago,'” Lacob said. “He’s like ‘When I got here, we were a completely different team. I was given a chance, and I failed a lot.’ And he’s like, ‘I sucked my first year. My second year I was OK. My third year I got an opportunity. That’s hard for young guys who aren’t being given that opportunity because we got guys who have been here a long time and have established roles. There’s just no opportunity for growth.'”

Looks like Draymond found his footing. And although he is not the most beloved player in the league, or even on his team, his value to the franchise cannot be argued. The 29-year-old forward averaged 7.4 points, 6.9 assists, and 7.3 rebounds per game last season.