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Draymond Green Says Steph Curry Is This Generation's Michael Jordan: "Everybody Wanna Shoot The Long Three."

Draymond Green Says Steph Curry Is This Generation's Michael Jordan- "Everybody Wanna Shoot The Long Three."

Stephen Curry has changed the game in a spectacular way. When he came into the league, 3-point shooting had importance but it wasn't used like it is now.

Today, long-distance shooting is basically a necessity for every player, and guys at every position have learned how to space the floor.

Curry's dominance on offense helped draw attention to the gravity of 3-point shooting and it has helped him become one of basketball's most polarizing figures.

Speaking on "Throwing Bones," Warriors forward Draymond Green spoke on Curry and explained how he has become this generation's Michael Jordan.

“You see these young kids come in and it’s like Steph is they MJ,” Green said. “You know, like everybody wanna shoot the long three. You walk in the gym and you see little kids, f—kin slangin’ that thang from like 40 feet out. But that’s the Steph Curry and Klay Thompson effect.”

It's obviously a hot take to compare Steph to Jordan. MJ is widely recognized as the greatest player ever, and the fame he held throughout the 90s is truly unrivaled.

But, just like Jordan, Curry is inspiring millions of people around the globe and much of them look up to him in the same way folks used to look up to Jordan and his squad.

Of course, Draymond is hardly the only one to draw that conclusion about Curry. Kevin Garnett recently crowned the Golden State star as the Jordan of this era.

"He's playing with the Michael Jordan of his era," Garnett says. "The knowledge that he takes not just from Steve Kerr and that coaching staff but that pedigree of excellence that they push around there in Golden State -- you can't come in there and be less than. Those are champions in there. Those guys have won together. They've been in the grit. They've been in the foxhole together. I think it motivates him."

As the greatest shooter in basketball history, nobody can deny the impact that Steph has had on the NBA and the game as a whole. He has changed things forever, and his game has helped to lift the Warriors franchise to a place of respect and power in the West.

While some might be rubbed the wrong way by drawing him in the same breath as Jordan, he certainly belongs right up there with some of the greatest players ever.

Certainly, for this generation, there aren't many who can say they've had the same level of impact.