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Draymond Green Shows His Real Height Measurement, Proves Doubters Wrong

Draymond Green Shows His Real Height Measurement, Proves Doubters Wrong

The NBA is working to collect accurate heights for every player in the league this year, in a move that has created a lot of curious moments, discoverings and somehow controversies. This is bad news for players who were listed higher than their actual size, but it is what it is.

Players like Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving and even rookie Zion Williamson saw their prior listed heights decreased, which led people to believe that Warriors star Draymond Green might be the next one to suffer the consequences of this new measurements.

Trying to shut down all these comments, Draymond came forward on Wednesday to clarify everything. He shared a video of himself being measured and was more than pleased to reveal that his height without shoes is 6-6, not 6-5 as many fans believed.

"All y'all talking about I'm 6-5, here come the real measurement," Green said in the post. " ... 78 inches -- 6-6."

The tail end of the post was also accompanied by the text, "Now get off my back!! Best 6-5 center to ever do it!"

Just in case anybody is wondering why he’s so happy about being 6-6, it’s because the measurement he’s had throughout his entire NBA career was taken with shoes on. Sneakers generally add at least an inch to a player's height, so he measured in at 6-6 means he's the height he's supposed to be.

It’s not like this guy doesn’t enjoy proving his doubters wrong, and this is another sample of that.