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Draymond Green: “Steph Can Yell. He Don't Yell Much, But He Can Yell. He's Yelled At Me Before."

Draymond Green: “Steph can yell. He Don't Yell Much, But He Can Yell. He's Yelled At Me Before."

Draymond Green made it clear that Stephen Curry can and will yell at you if he feels you're not doing things right. The Golden State Warriors big man is very close to the point guard but that doesn't mean Curry will go at him to get the best out of him.

After Curry starred in a curious moment, yelling at his teammates while the Dubs trailed the Clippers for over 20 points on Thursday night, Green came in his defense, saying he can yell and will do any given time. He even told a story when Draymond and Steve Kerr started barking at each other and Curry was the one who shut the player right after he was done with the head coach.

"Steph can yell. He don't yell much, but he can yell. He's yelled at me before. So I think he can yell, but I don't think that I'm really a hard target to yell. I get in trouble quite a bit these days. Most of the time for things that I shouldn't get in trouble for."

"Remember when I got into it with Steve [in OKC]? He yelled at me right then too. He was sitting right next to me. He stood up over me and started yelling at me. Yeah, he's yelled at me several times. Don't y'all be fooled by Steph. He does yell at me."

Curry is perceived as one of the coolest and most easy-going guys in the NBA so it's a surprise when you see him yelling at his own teammates. The 2x NBA MVP knows they have a big responsibility this year and he's trying to do everything to lead his squad to the postseason.

Draymond is well aware of that and even though he's the vocal leader of the team, he knows that Curry can take care of things whenever he wants to, as we saw on Thursday night.