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Draymond Green Takes Shot At Donald Trump: 'We're Dealing With A Master Manipulator, Probably The Master Of All Masters When It Comes To Manipulating People.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It's not a secret that the NBA community isn't exactly fond of President Donald Trump. The players and coaches have criticized Trump since he got into office and it's only escalated as the months go by.

The Golden State Warriors have been openly critical of the President, his views, and his actions. From Stephen Curry claiming he wouldn't attend the White House visit to Steve Kerr calling him names, that's nothing new.

That's why it didn't strike as a surprise when Draymond Green went on record on CNN to criticize Trump and call him a manipulator, also inviting people to massively vote him out on November 3rd:

"We're dealing with a master manipulator, probably the master of all masters when it comes to manipulating people. He got into office by manipulating people. And you know, this is no different than what he said about Colin Kaepernick. We're dealing with a guy who's leading our country, who likes to take the narrative and spin it in his favor. So you think of Colin Kaepernick. This one particular guy we're speaking of made it all about the flag. 'Kaepernick is kneeling for the flag. He's disrespecting the military, he's disrespecting the veterans'. It's ridiculous. It was never about that. And now he's calling the NBA a political organization. This has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans when fighting for basic human rights. That's ridiculous. But that's what he'll continue to do. He'll continue to try to skew the narrative and then most importantly, you know, we're dealing with a guy who he's -- he's a 'me' guy. He's going to continue to push 'me'. And it's ridiculous. But it's no surprise. That's who we are. And that's why everyone needs to get out and vote November 3rd," Green told CNN.

President Trump has also constantly taken shots at the NBA. He went as far as to claim that the players were 'nasty and dumb' for kneeling and that they're ratings have been pretty bad.

The players are taking a strong stance against Trump and we're definitely going to hear more of this when the reason resumes today.