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Draymond Green Thinks He Would Have Been The 2016 Finals MVP If He Didn't Get Suspended For Game 5: "That Totally Changes The Narrative... Good Luck Leaving Me Off The NBA 75 If I Was Finals MVP."

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Draymond Green Thinks He Would Have Been The 2016 Finals MVP If He Didn't Get Suspended

Draymond Green was a driving force behind the Golden State Warriors dynasty during the 2010s. He is a fantastic defender that can defend all 5 positions and is a fantastic defender who was leading the DPOY race this season prior to his injury.

The Golden State Warriors went 73-9 during the 2015-16 season, but they ended up losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA Finals. Draymond Green notably averaged 16.5 PPG, 10.3 RPG, and 6.3 APG during that series, and put up 32 points in Game 7.

Draymond Green has claimed that he would be the Finals MVP of that series had he not been suspended for Game 5. He also referenced him being left off of the NBA 75, seemingly implying that he wouldn't be left off the list had he won the award.

“[What] bothers me is I would’ve been the Finals MVP… that totally changes the narrative.” “Good luck leaving me off the NBA 75 if I was Finals MVP.”

Draymond Green was notably suspended for Game 5 because of an altercation with LeBron James. History could have been very different had he been available for the whole series.

There is no doubt that Draymond Green had a fantastic series against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, and his two-way play would have definitely warranted him being the Finals MVP. While most people would naturally say Stephen Curry would be the Finals MVP had the Golden State Warriors won that series, Curry struggled offensively during the Finals, so perhaps Draymond Green could have won the award.

There have definitely been people who have said that Draymond Green is a top-5 defender of all-time, and his versatility and knowledge of the game on that side of the ball definitely merits people claiming that. The Golden State Warriors are contenders once again this year, and his defense will be crucial for them in the playoffs. While it's hard to see him winning the Finals MVP this year if the Warriors get to the Finals, perhaps we'll see Draymond Green get his 4th championship this season, and it'll certainly be a good addition to his NBA resume.