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Draymond Green Thought He Was Out Of Golden State In 2016


Adversity is nothing new for the Golden State Warriors. Since the beginning days of their amazing run, they've had to overcome plenty of struggles. And now on the brink of elimination by the Houston Rockets, let's take a look back at perhaps one of the biggest threats to this Warriors' dynasty.

Back in 2016, tensions between Draymond Green and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr were apparently less than favorable... leading Green to believe he'd be traded after the season's end.

According to multiple reports, the two clashed many times over the course of their early years together, where it evidently reached its climax during a game against OKC, where Draymond went on a very loud and vocal rant regarding Kerr.

In a story by Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck, Green revealed that he “100 percent” felt that the Warriors would trade him.

[Green] left the arena that day believing his days as a Warrior were numbered. He feared the relationship had been fractured, that the Warriors would choose Kerr over him. That he’d be traded.

“One hundred percent,” Green tells B/R. “Especially with the success that he was having as a coach. Like, you just don’t get rid of that.” […]

In his lowest moments, Green expressed his fears of being traded to both his mother and Izzo. “We all thought Dray would have been traded” after the Oklahoma incident, Babers-Green says.

Now, that same history sparks the two in their quest to win more championships. The relationship that could have destroyed the Warriors ended up being the very thing that fuels them.

Still, after their latest loss, will Draymond be the first out the door if they decide to change things up? Well, judging by the way they usually do things (and bearing in mind their mended relationship), it seems unlikely. But who knows, that tension could always return.