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Draymond Green Wants To Play For Team USA In 2020 Olympics

(via Sports illustrated)

(via Sports illustrated)

The FIBA World Cup did not go as planned for Team USA, as they placed an All-Time low 7th place after losing in back-to-back games against France and Serbia. To be blunt, it was a disappointing campaign all-around.

In the 2020 Olympic games, some are hoping for a better turnout in light of this year's dropouts. Fortunately, one player has already gone on record as saying he has interest in playing.

"I do hope to play, and I think a lot of guys will want to play," Green said Thursday on CNBC's 'Power Money.' "The schedule this year was a little treacherous with the games that was in America, and also the travel to Australia, which is why I think a lot of guys dropped out. You know, a long ways to China. It was just a lot, and it also leads right into the season. Those guys will be coming back in the next couple days and we'll be two weeks away from training camp."

Green was not one of the ones who participated in this summer's World Cup team. That might change in 2020.

"I think you'll see a lot of guys participating next year in the Olympics," Green continued, "and I hope to be one of those 12 guys."

This summer marked a big transition for a lot of guys who had originally signed up to be on the team. And while we cannot anticipate what next year might bring, it seems likely the incentive to participate will be higher -- USA needs redemption and the 2020 offseason will not be nearly as chaotic.

Draymond Green is one of many who will likely step up to the call.