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'Draymond Green Was Almost Out Of The League. Mark Jackson Tried To Play Him At Three More Than The Four And It Wasn't His Natural Position', Says Andrew Bogut

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

The Golden State Warriors are enjoying having Draymond Green Back this season after a tumultuous 2019/20 NBA campaign. The Dubs know that Draymond is very important for them, their true leader and one of their most important players ever. However, things weren't like that always, as Draymond didn't feel comfortable during his first years in the league.

Former teammate Andrew Bogut recently revealed Draymond was really close to going to play overseas thanks to Mark Jackson. The Australian player said that if it wasn't for Steve Kerr, Green would have taken that path and the Warriors would have missed a big talent.

Via NBC Sports:

“(Green) was almost out of the league. A lot of people don’t realize, (former Warriors coach) Mark Jackson tried to play him at the three more than the four and it wasn’t his natural position.”

Green wasn't the favorite player of Jackson, and he only started 13 games during two seasons, which obviously didn't sit well with the player. However, everything changed when Kerr arrived. He took this team from being a promising squad to win the NBA championship in 2015, with the trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Green leading the way.

“He struggled his rookie year to find what his role was in the NBA and within the team. Once he got that opportunity from Steve, it kind of all changed. He’s the first to tell you, he was almost on a plane to Europe with the way he was being played earlier in his career.”

Right now the Dubs don't imagine life without Draymond. He has been terrific during his NBA career and this season he showed why he is so important for the Warriors. Draymond is the heart and soul of this team and nobody can deny that; he has demonstrated that his impact on the game isn't reflected on the points he scored, but how easy he makes things for the rest of the squad. Things would have been a lot different now but Kerr knew he had a great player in Green and didn't let him go.