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Draymond Green's Epic Response To Heavy Boos From Cavs Fans

Draymond Green

On Saturday night, Draymond Green was enjoying All-Star festivities just like countless others. Unlike everyone else, however, his history with Cleveland earned him some significant boos from the crowd -- and he dealt with it in a way only Dramymond could.

At some point, before the skills challenge began, the Warriors star faced the music head-on, turning towards the crowd as he signaled for more hate. It made for a pretty epic moment on his part that went viral online.

Draymond met the Cavaliers 4 times during the LeBron era. In three of those series, Dray and the Warriors came out on top. In 2016, James was finally able to bring a championship to the franchise.

It's clear that Cavs fans still have some bitter feelings about the guy, and it's understandable. He gave them a hard time.

For Draymond, he doesn't seem to be worried about any lingering resentment. In fact, he recently gave a compliment about the current state of the Cavaliers, calling them the "biggest surprise team."

"I think the biggest surprise team is Cleveland. I don't think anyone expected them to be this good. I think finding a young star in Darius Garland, who's leading the charge. Evan Mobley. They're putting it together, but they're going to be good for years to come."

This year, with the Cavaliers looking dominant again, it's possible another Finals matchup with the Warriors could be on the horizon. Cavs fans would have to witness Steph, Klay, and Draymond go after their team once again.

Considering how heated things still are now, it would certainly be an intense experience.

For now, that remains nothing more than a distant possibility. This All-Star game might be the longest Clevelanders will have to endure the presence of Draymond in their city this season.