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Drew Gooden Reveals One Way LeBron James Can Separate Himself From Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

When we talk about LeBron James, we know his name will always be compared to the greatest players of all time, especially Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The GOAT debate has been a hot topic in the NBA community in recent times and these three names have been part of those conversations.

Former NBA player-turned-analyst Drew Gooden has revealed how LeBron can separate himself from both Jordan and Kobe, doing something that they were unable to do during their careers. LeBron has been criticized for bouncing around the league looking for new teams, but that could be the factor that separates him from Kobe and MJ.

“I think he’s already separated himself from Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in that sense of winning multiple championships outside of the same organization and different and different coaches and different teammates. I think he’s already accomplished that,” Gooden said, as transcribed by Talk Basket (via NBC Sports).

“I think this will be the tell of the tape of ‘Okay, I’ve not only done that two times but I’m gonna do that the third time in Los Angeles. Doesn’t matter who the coach is, doesn’t matter who my teammates are. I’m gonna provide the championship for the city of Los Angeles.’ Now if he does that now you start to see where does he separate himself from Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant.”

Bron won his first title with the Miami Heat back in 2012. He joined the Heat trying to win a title and teamed up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to do so. They went to four consecutive NBA Finals, winning two titles. He returned to his first team in the league, the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015 and took them to the championship in 2016, completing the most memorable comeback in NBA history.

Now he's part of the Los Angeles Lakers, where Kobe played his entire career. Bron is looking to win his fourth title with a third different team. If he pulls that off, he'd have a stronger case for the GOAT title, no doubt about it.

The NBA resumes season next July 31, where LeBron and his Lakers will try to win the championship.