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Derrick Rose: ‘I Want To Be Able To Do What Kobe Did’

(Fadeaway World)

(Fadeaway World)

At 31-years-old, Derrick Rose is focused on adapting his style of play to stay relevant in the ever-evolving NBA. Yet, as he changes and adapts, he doesn't want to lose what makes him so special.

In a piece on The Slam, the former MVP described his desire to be like Kobe Bryant, a guy who remained effective in 20 years of basketball.

(via The Detroit News)

Rose, 31, has tried to maintain his key strengths, speed and quickness, while working to add new pieces to his game.

“I’m not a jump shooter — I’m just a scorer. Whatever you give me, I’ll take it. I knew that having a jump shot prolongs your career. The older you get, you adapt to the game and that’s all I’m trying to do now,” he said. “If the game goes back to all lay-ups and midrange, I want to be able to do what Kobe (Bryant) did. He’s my example and the guy I look to and make sure I don’t change my game all the way.

“He didn’t change his game at all, but he was able to play 20 years and still be effective. That’s amazing to me. There aren’t too many people in NBA history, besides the greats, who can do that. I want to be considered one of them.”

Of course, we know Rose's history. After suffering a major injury early in his career, Rose has battled against his own body to keep himself on the basketball court.

As far as his playstyle goes, he has started shooting more jumpers to account for the modern NBA. As a result, this season in Detroit, he is having a resurgence, averaging 16 points and 5.7 assists on 48% shooting.

So far, he's done a pretty good job.