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Duncan Robinson Claims The Lakers Bench Called Him "Jimmy Neutron" During The NBA Finals


Duncan Robinson was a staple for the Heat this season, averaging 13.5 points as one of the best long-distance snipers in the game. And although his play stays strong throughout the playoffs, it didn't earn him immunity from the trash talk of his competitors.

In an appearance on the "Titus & Tate" podcast, the 26-year-old Michigan product revealed some of the things that were being said about him, including the fact that he looks strikingly similar to the big-headed animated figure, "Jimmy Neutron."

Jimmy Neutron was a popular show in the mid-2000s, featuring Neutron, the "boy genius" and his two friends Carl and Sheen.

Whether you're familiar with the show or not, the point is that the Lakers were having fun at Duncan's uncanny resemblance to the Nickelodeon star.

If you're Duncan, that's a particularly odd thing to hear from your opponent in the Finals (of all places), but he seems to be taking it like a champ.

All-in-all, he's got a lot to be proud of. Just a few years ago, Robinson was trying to weasel his way into the media, convinced he had missed out on his opportunity to join the NBA. Now, the young stud has become one of the shining members of an organization coming off a Finals appearance.

The dude has got a bright future, no matter which fictional character he resembles.