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Duncan Robinson Details How Victor Oladipo Improves The Miami Heat: "Vic Is An Incredible Athlete, And His Combination Of Size, Speed And Strength Just Allows Us To Have More Defensive Versatility."

via New York Post

via New York Post

Victor Oladipo was a big-time addition to the Miami Heat during the traded deadline. Victor Oladipo in his prime was one of the best two-way guards, in the league. Oladipo could definitely become an impactful player for the Miami Heat over the rest of the season.

Victor Oladipo is a great combo guard who can guard any perimeter player, while also being able to give some offense on the other end. Duncan Robinson chose to focus on Oladipo's defensive versatility when talking about Oladipo's impact on the Miami Heat. On his own podcast, The Long Shot, Duncan Robinson detailed how Oladipo moves the needle forward for the Miami Heat.

Vic is an incredible athlete, and his combination of size, speed and strength just allows us to have more defensive versatility. Which is obviously a huge thing in the NBA these days. When you're talking about guys coming out of college, or free agents, or prospects, one of the first questions that's asked is always how many positions can they guard... his ability to guard smaller guards then turn around and guard wings, and if needed to switch onto bigger players as well, has definitely I think unlocked our potential defensively.

Victor Oladipo is definitely an incredible athlete. While he has recently gone down with an injury, he will definitely continue making an impact on the Miami Heat. Only a few years ago, Victor Oladipo was one of the top guards in the league. Everyone would love to see him get back to that level, and hopefully, he is able to do so with the Miami Heat.