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Duncan Robinson Reveals How Kyle Lowry Has Affected Miami Heat Offense: "It's Controlled Chaos."

Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is one of the league's best point guards, and he has plenty of experience in the league. The Miami Heat snapped him up during free agency, and it seems as though the move is already paying dividends for the team. 

On a recent episode of The Long Shot Podcast, Duncan Robinson revealed how Kyle Lowry has impacted the Miami Heat's offense. Kyle Lowry is a player that can control the pace of the game and has the experience and knowledge on whether to push the ball or slow the tempo down. Robinson commended him for doing just that, and called Lowry's ability to manipulate the game "controlled chaos". (7:00)

It's controlled chaos. But it's so beautiful because he plays with such a pace, when you're just like watching it, sometimes that looks ridiculous. Like, he just chucked the ball down the court.

But it's not just reckless abandon. It's actually calculated playing with pace, and pushing thetempo. He has this unbelieveable ability to know when to do that, and then know when to "Alright, we need to slow it up. We need to get good one" or "we have this stretch of game, where we need to manipulate the clock, and we can't play that way".

The only thing I can think of is that it's something you kinda learn over years and years of playing at this level... and he's obviously not turning the ball over either, which is incredibly hard to do. He just has this crazy ability to tow this line between "it's not chaos but it feels like it". But it's actually impactful and effective.

There is no question that Kyle Lowry has always been a great floor general, and his ability to run an offense will certainly be beneficial for the Miami Heat. Lowry will definitely lessen the playmaking load on Jimmy Butler next season. Kyle Lowry also clearly wanted to be in Miami to compete, as he took $5M less annually to sign with the Miami Heat over the New Orleans Pelicans. The Raptors are currently going with a rebuild, and it's clear that it was time for Lowry to take his talents to a contending roster.

It remains to be seen how the Miami Heat will do, but it seems as though Duncan Robinson is already a fan of the Lowry acquisition. The Miami Heat will look to make a championship push this season, and Kyle Lowry will definitely be a key factor in them being able to do that.