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Dwight Howard Accidentally Leaks His Latest Text Convo On IG Live

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dwight Howard was pretty excited after winning his first NBA championship on Sunday night, when the Los Angeles Lakers smashed the Miami Heat to win the series in six games, collecting their 17th NBA championship in history. LeBron James was named MVP following a terrific series and everybody was happy with the outcome of the season and the Finals.

One of those was Howard, who took to Instagram live to show people the celebrations in the locker room, where he and his teammates were leaving it out after a hard-fought season. However, Howard made a little mistake during the stream, showing fans his latest text conversation.

You could see he was talking with his wife, having a normal conversation. Yet, he was quick to end the live stream as soon as he realized what the fans were watching on the screen.

It was a harmless accident but Dwight made sure to clean everything up. The big man finally won his ring, with the team that gave him a big opportunity in 2012 to play alongside Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. Howard didn't take advantage of that chance and his tenure with the team was really bad.

Eight years after that moment, he's back in Los Angeles, playing an important role in the Lakers' route to the championship. If you want to talk about a redemption story, Dwight has a big one.