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Dwight Howard Discusses Joining Lakers Or Clippers, Gives Anthony Davis Advice

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Seven years ago, the Los Angeles Lakers made one of the worst attempts to assemble a superteam in the NBA, when they made a blockbuster trade for Dwight Howard, who arrived at the Staples Center as arguably the best center in the league after all the things he did with the Orlando Magic.

Things didn’t go exactly well for Howard at Los Angeles, which is something could happen to Anthony Davis this next campaign. Albeit he only played one season with the Purple and Gold, Howard had some words of advice to Anthony.

"I would tell him to just enjoy the moment and enjoy this season," Howard said in an interview with Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times.

That 2012/13 Lakers squad was one to be scared of on paper, but when they had to play together, didn’t click, which led everybody around the organization to live a complete nightmare. Still, Howard only had positive things to say about his time in L.A. when speaking with Markazi:

"When I was here, unfortunately things happened where we didn't win, guys got hurt, but I enjoyed the city, I enjoyed the people and I had some really great relationships with people that came from being out here.

"So there were some positives. We just didn't win that season, and that's what happens when you play basketball. Things may look good, but injuries and other issues may happen and things might not work out, but I still had a good time in L.A."

Following that season in Los Angeles, he decided to join the Houston Rockets.

The similarities between him and AD are quite interesting. The Brow has only one year in his current contract and comes to L.A. as a 26-year-old with multiple All-Star selections. Lakers fans will hope things don’t go the same way as they went with Dwight.

After that tumultuous season with the Lakers, Howard’s career went downhill, decreasing his level year after year and wandering around the league trying to recover his best form.

He's currently on the Memphis Grizzlies after being traded by the Washington Wizards. However, he didn’t miss the chance to say he’s interested in returning to Los Angeles if he's waived, either with the Lakers or Clippers:

"I don't know what's going to happen, but I do love L.A. Staples Center is going to be rocking this season. When I played there it was rocking every night. The atmosphere is crazy, not just for the Lakers but the Clippers too. I just think all the hard work they've put in is paying off now. They've always been viewed as the Lakers' little brother, but they decided to stand out and be different and you have to thank guys like Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul for laying the foundation for this team, and then what Doc [Rivers] has done has been great. This is just all that hard work paying off."

It’s unknown if the Lakers will pursue the big man this summer after DeMarcus Cousins got injured and is set to miss a big chunk of the upcoming season. That doesn’t seem very plausible right now, but we’ve seen crazier things in the NBA before.