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Dwight Howard: "I Don't F--k With The Social Distancing S---"

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Everybody is reacting differently to the measures the NBA is trying to apply at the bubble location in Orlando. The league knows its players' health is the priority and they created a plan to keep the risk of somebody getting infected as low as possible.

However, as some stars believed, not everybody is comfortable with all the rules they have to follow at Walt Disney World.

One of those is Dwight Howard, who showed his unhappiness with the measures in an Instagram live. The Los Angeles Lakers big man appeared on video, walking in the night, expressing how he feels about one of the measures he has to follow not only at the bubble but everywhere else. When somebody asked him to stay six feet away from other people, Howard replied:

"I don't f--k with the social distancing s--t, I'm sorry."

This is not a good look for Howard. Hopefully, somebody from the league will talk to him to take this situation more seriously. D-12 was hesitating about whether he'd join the Lakers in Orlando or would sit out the resumption of the season to focus on social justice. Several players believed restarting the season was going to be a distraction from all the problems happening in America right now.

In the end, he decided to go with the team, but Howard is already getting involved in controversies. Rudy Gobert was careless days before testing positive for COVID-19, this is not a game and everybody should be following the rules.