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Dwight Howard Is Being Sued For $50,000 By Two Women He Hired To Take Care Of His Snakes

(via KTLA)

(via KTLA)

After a redeeming season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Philly center Dwight Howard is facing controversy once again.

According to TMZ, the 1x NBA Champion is on the wrong side of a lawsuit seeking compensation for $50,000 in unpaid wages. The suit is being filed by two women he hired to take care of his giant snake.

Unfortunately, this isn't Dwight's first appearance in the courtroom. Back in 2019, he was caught up in a sexual harassment lawsuit by a man who claimed they had a romantic relationship.

In this particular case, the claim is that Dwight never paid the women he hired to take care of his snake collection. It's unclear, at this time, whether there is any truth to the accusation. It's also unknown whether or not Dwight plans to settle or fight this in court.

At the very least, it's a distraction for Howard, who is coming off one of the best campaigns of his career. With the new season just weeks away now, any setback poses a risk to his performance with his new team. No doubt, he'll want this to go away quickly and cleanly.