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Dwight Howard Passed On 6-Figure Sneaker Deal Offers Back In February Because He Wanted To Continue Wearing Kobes

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

Dwight Howard may have lost the 2020 dunk contest, but he definitely came out as a winner.

When he rolled out in signature Kobe's signature kicks and then dedicated an entire dunk routine to him, it warmed the hearts of many in the NBA community.

It was also reported sometime later that the routine was supposed to actually include Kobe, whose death obviously made that impossible.

It was a pretty powerful (and incredibly sad) moment, that helped bring the audience together in a collective moment of grief. And, to Dwight's credit, it cost him a pretty significant paycheck.

As it would be revealed later, the 3x Defensive Player of The Year was offered several triple-figure sneaker deals back in February but turned them all down so he could wear the Kobe's without any problems.

To be fair, Howard is a multi-millionaire so it's not like the guy is desperate for cash.

Still, to sacrifice six-figure earnings to show some love and respect to Kobe Bean Bryant really says a lot about the impact he had on his life.

Then again, that shouldn't be a huge surprise anyway. Kobe has made an impact on all our lives.