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Dwight Howard Says He Is Thinking About A Return To The NBA Dunk Contest In 2020



It's been a long time since we've seen Dwight Howard take on his infamous "Superman" form. 11 years following his initial dunk contest win in the cape, he is apparently thinking about giving it another shot.

In a chat with TMZ, the veteran big man center revealed his heart to possibly return to the dunk contest but made sure to emphasize the importance of winning first.

"I thought about it. I'm getting my legs back. I feel young again," 33-year-old Howard told us outside The Window burger joint in Venice.

"I have thought about it, but winning the championship is the most important thing. I have all the individual accolades but I don't have the trophy so hopefully, we can win this title this year, which I believe we can."

Dwight's performance in the 2008 dunk contest was one of the epic proportions. Even today, it is one of the defining moments of his career.

It's hard to imagine him topping that performance if he does decide to participate. The comeback story, though, will make quite the tale. After years of exile from the league, Dwight was given one last chance with the Lakers this season.

He has not disappointed.

He is playing his role, dominating on both ends of the floor, and has refrained from attracting unnecessary attention.

While seeing the return of Superman would be an epic sight to behold, the sight of him and the Lakers holding that trophy in June would be so much more important.