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Dwight Howard Says Lakers Could Be The League’s "Best Defensive Team" In 2019-20 Season

(vai Los Angeles Times)

(vai Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of adjustments to make if they are to consider themselves true Championship contenders this upcoming season. Improving on the defensive end is one of their biggest points of interest.

With players like LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Danny Green, the team certainly has the pieces to be a good defensive team. But where, exactly, is their ceiling? According to newcomer Dwight Howard, they have the potential to be the best.

“There’s no doubt we can be [the best defensive team]. But it’s going to be on me to keep them drilled and prepared with the game plans and it’s going to be on them to commit and continue the care factor through 82 games.”

Last season saw them miss the playoffs for a sixth straight year with a 37-45 record, and the Lakers ranked just 21st overall in terms of points allowed per game, averaging 113.5 points in that category, per Basketball-Reference.

Obviously, that will have to change this season if the Lakers want to be taken seriously. Dwight is confident that they will dominate that end of the floor. Hopefully, the rest of the team feels the same way.