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Dwight Howard Sends A Message To DeAndre Jordan: "I See Greatness In You."

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Lakers big man Dwight Howard has already expressed excitement about rejoining the organization. After leaving L.A. in 2020, he is back to help them win another title.

“Ain’t nothing like HOME. ain’t nothing like that PURPLE AND GOLD🏆🏆” Howard wrote on Instagram.

And while Dwight is expected to play a big role on the court for the organization, he might be even more valuable in the locker room as a leader for the team.

In a recent message on Instagram, Dwight Howard sent a message to his new teammate DeAndre Jordan, hyping up and challenging him for what is to come.

“I see greatness in you. Let’s go @deandre,” Howard wrote.

The road hasn't exactly been easy for DeAndre Jordan these past few years. After being exiled from the Clippers in 2018, he was never able to return to the same level of play.

In his latest stint in Brooklyn, he came off the bench, averaging 7.5 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks per game in 21.9 minutes.

According to sources, Jordan had some issues with the way things played out in Brooklyn, and it caused a noticeable rift in the locker room.

“The biggest elephant in the room: Jordan allegedly told those around him that he didn’t come to Brooklyn to be Jarrett Allen’s backup,” wrote Puccio. “[Kenny] Atkinson would not bow down to Jordan, thus providing one of the first dominoes in his firing. As soon as Atkinson was ousted, DJ was back in the starting lineup."

His arrival in L.A. marks a fresh start for the big man, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the end and what kind of role he plays going forward.

Whatever happens, he'll have the full support of Howard and the rest of his teammates.