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Dwight Howard Will Likely Miss A Lot Games Due To Gluteal Surgery

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

It just keeps getting worse for the Washington Wizards. They are a team with the talent to rival the likes of the Raptors and the Milwaukee Bucks but they are currently 8-13 and look completely dysfunctional. Whatever tension there is between Bradley Beal and John Wall is now boiling over; there is no chemistry and leadership on the floor. It looks like nobody cares that they are performing so poorly and so nobody intervenes.

To make matters worse Dwight Howard, a guy they brought in to be a double-double machine, is now very likely to have surgery meaning he will miss a large chunk of the remainder of the season. Dwight had persistent problems with a gluteal injury last season and has been told by a specialist that surgery is the best way to go according to Adrian Wojnarowski. The Wizards want a second opinion though as surgery will keep him away from the court longer than without.

Dwight has been consistently healthy throughout his career. Apart from the shoulder injury in 12/13 and some knee troubles in 14/15 he’s been healthy. Hopefully, he can return soon because even though he’s past his prime he still can have a huge impact on the floor.

Dwight’s inside presence should be really effective for the Wizards; he’s great in pick and roll situations, sucks in the defense allowing more space for outside shooters and grabs tonnes of offensive rebounds. Getting him back healthy could be the key to unlocking the potential that the Wizards still have. It was only last season that he recorded a 30-30 game with the Charlotte Hornets.

If the Wizards can just push through this tough patch and make it to the new year with everything still intact then the return of Dwight could see Washington go on a 2nd-half run and make the Playoffs.