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Dwyane Wade And LeBron James React After Their Iconic Moment Gets Re-Created In Space Jam 2

(via MiamiHEAT)

(via MiamiHEAT)

The first trailer of "Space Jam 2" released today, and there's just a whole lot to unpack. From the deep storyline to the epic visuals, fans are getting hyped to see this movie.

Of course, one of the most prominent moments featured in the trailer was a call-back to an epic, real-life moment between LeBron James and his former teammate, Dwyane Wade.

At one point, a toon named Lola Bunny throws up an alley-oop to Bron, who catches it and does his thing. With the way that whole scene is set up, it's made to be a reference to an identical move made by the famous pair (Bron and Wade) during their adventures in Miami.

Fans were quick to take notice, and even LeBron and Wade themselves responded.


It's honestly a pretty cool little easter-egg by the film, and one has to wonder how many others there might be throughout the rest of the movie.

It's too early to go looking now (considering all we have is the trailer), but it'll give us that much more to look forward to when this film finally gets released.