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Dwyane Wade Drops Truth Bomb On Utah Jazz: "It’s Not Everyone’s Time, At All Times. This Is A Team That’s Still Trying To Learn How To Win Together."

Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert

As part-owner of the Utah Jazz, Dwyane Wade can't be satisfied with how they ended their season. Despite having a pair of talented and experienced stars, the Jazz lost in the first round to Dallas and are on track for some major changes this summer.

But instead of showing disappointment in his team, Wade talked about patience instead and explained why he hasn't lost faith in what Utah can accomplish in the future:

(via Complex)

“I think that teams with All-Stars and good players, everyone comes in with the idea that ‘they have to win a championship, they have to win a championship’ and that’s one of the most unrealistic goals: for everyone to win a championship,” Wade said. “It’s not everyone’s time, at all times. This is a team that’s still trying to learn how to win together. Still trying to learn how to win in this league. It’s very hard to win in this league. It just doesn’t happen because you’re a great player, or a great young player, or having multiple players who are great. It’s nothing different than this team learning how to win.”

Over the past few years, the Jazz have enjoyed prosperity in the regular season. Last year, they even had the best record in the NBA.

Unfortunately, their success hasn't translated well in the playoffs. Repeated playoff exits have people doubting Utah's potential, and a trade is inevitable at this point.

Still, Dwyane Wade seems hopeful. At 25-years-old, Donovan Mitchell is easily one of the best young guards in basketball and his game should only go up from here. 

As for Gobert, nobody knows if he'll even be on the team next season — but the impact he makes defensively should keep the Jazz elite on that end of the floor. Whatever the case, Utah still has some pieces to work with and it's clear that D-Wade wants to give the squad time before deeming the team a failure.