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Dwyane Wade Explains Why Carmelo Anthony Can Still Play NBA Basketball



The Carmelo Anthony story seems to be headed to the back burner as the NBA prepares to kick off another season.

But for Anthony and those in his camp, they will not stop until the 10x All-Star finds his way onto another roster. Dwyane Wade recently made a case for his friend in a chat with's Brandon Robinson.

“The place that’s going to allow him to be Melo and understand that he still can play the game of basketball. Definitely want to see him get back into the league,” Dwyane Wade tells me of Carmelo Anthony.

“But you also want to see him to get back to a place where they can allow Melo to play the game he loves the way that Melo can.”

Dwyane Wade and Melo are a part of the infamous "Banana-boat" group, consisting of Wade, Anthony, LeBron James, and Chris Paul. So, although there is a bit os bias from Wade, nobody knows Melo more than he does.

It will be interesting to see what their next game-plan will be as he remains unsigned through the rest of the offseason. Will words be enough to earn him another chance?