Dwyane Wade Explains Why He Gave Aaron Gordon A 9 For His Dunk Over Tacko Fall

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Back in February, Dwyane Wade starred in one of the most controversial moments in the NBA this season. During the 2020 edition of the slam dunk contest, Aaron Gordon was fighting head to head against Derrick Jones Jr. for the dunk contest title. It was a great round from both players, but in the end, Jones prevailed over Gordon by a single point.

That point was taken out from Gordon by Wade, creating any kind of reaction around the league. Gordon jumped over 7 feet, 7 inches Tacko Fall in his last dunk of the competition. It was an incredibly hard dunk, but Gordon did it, even though he had some troubles in the execution.

Wade gave him a 9, meaning Derrick Jones Jr. won the competition, which earned him a lot of criticism over the next few days. It’s been two months since that moment and people are still wondering what happened with Wade that day, and the Miami Heat legend tried to clear things up.

“Hahaha because I felt that dunk deserved a 9. For the record, a 9 is actually not a bad thing. ... I thought that dunk deserved a 9 because he didn't clear him. ... People are still talking about the Dunk Contest. ... People are still talking about it months later. As judges we did our job. We made it interesting and something that people keep wanting to talk about,” he said during an AMA session with Bleacher Report on Friday.

When you’re in the position Wade was last February, it’s easy to piss off people. He’s well aware of that and doesn’t have a problem with it. He’s right when he mentions that Gordon didn’t clear Tacko, but jumping over a guy that tall is still impressive and the difficulty of the dunk should also be taken into consideration.

Still, Jones was a rightful winner, but the big majority of fans believe a draw was the best result for that round.